{Party Feature} Designing the Invitation

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Sarah & I  have been working on getting our Etsy shop up and running and hope to have it ready to go by the spring.  In the meantime, we are continuing to add to our designs so that our customers have plenty of awesome party printables to choose from!  I am super excited about the Rainbow Art Party that we are designing to celebrate Avery’s 6th birthday and cam’t wait to feature this design in our shop.

When designing the invitation, I wanted it to be colorful (it is a rainbow party after all), feel young but not too young, and really match Avery’s sense of style. Plus, I wanted to create a design that could easily be customized with colors, wording and fonts for other celebrations like baby and bridal showers.  And I am in love with dots right now, so that is the direction I took!

Avery Invite Final

I love it, but more importantly, Avery does too!


{Party Feature} Choosing a Venue

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Ahhhhhh – my little baby is turning 6!  Avery will be celebrating her 6th birthday next month!  Where, oh where, has the time gone?

Avery Grace

Each year we give the kids a choice between having a birthday party and going on a little mini family vacation.  The past few years they have selected the vacation, which means we have not had a real birthday party since we celebrated Gavin’s 2nd baseball themed party.  Pretty crazy, considering that I am a party stylist!

Avery chose to have a party for her birthday this year, and we decided on a theme pretty easily.  She loves art and especially loves drawing rainbows, so we went with a colorful rainbow art party for the theme.  Next we needed to choose the location.  My house is not really conducive to hosting an art party for 10 girls inside, and February is way too cold to have the party outside, so we needed to look at other venues.  When choosing a venue, it is important to start with a list of your must have and your additional wishes, along with a good idea of your budget.

My Must-Haves included:

- Private space for 10 girls to do crafting/art projects

- Ability to bring in outside food & drink

- Ability to come in early to decorate

- Centrally located to our house

- arts & crafts projects suitable for 6-year-olds

- Inexpensive ($75 or less for the venue for 2-3 hours)

My Wish List included:

- A pretty blank canvas so that I can decorate the venue and make it feel like a custom party

- A party assistant to help decorate and lead the craft projects

Once I had my list finalized, I made a list of art studios and party rooms in the area that could be potential venues and I looked for information online.  Some required us to use their food & beverage provider, some did not have a room that I could decorate myself, and others did not really feel like the right fit.  Pretty quickly into my research, I remembered that Michael’s offers crafting classes.  We have a new Michael’s by us and I went in to check it out.  The room was the perfect size, without a lot of decoration.  It was affordable ($50 for a 2 hour party plus time for setting up) and I can bring in my own food and beverage.  The price includes invitations, but you know that QTO will design those of course (stay tuned for the design)!  I get to pick the craft projects, which means I can ensure they are budget friendly AND suitable for 6-year-olds!  As an added bonus, they provide an assistant to help set-up and lead the craft projects!  They will help you pick out projects if needed.  SCORE!

Here are a few pictures of the room.  It was right after the holidays when I took them and they were in the process of reorganizing.  I love the blank slate, the simple black tables & chairs, and the bright green accent wall.  We can do a lot with this space, and over the next 8 weeks, we will be featuring different projects and designs as we prep for the party.

craft room

Party Room
Up Next – The Birthday Invitation!


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